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LKS ASE Collection Development Policy 2018/21

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Quality Improvement Outcomes Framework Documentation

The Quality Improvement Outcomes Framework required documentation:

  • Annual Report. See LKS ASE Annual Report 2020/21
  • Strategy. See LKS ASE Strategy 2021/2024
  • Improvement Plan. See LKS ASE Implementation Plan 2021/22
  • Service Level Agreement. See SLA 2021/22
  • Pen Portraint. See LKS ASE Pen Portrait below.


CURRENT Strategy Documents

LKS ASE Strategy 2021/2024

Advisory Note on the Representation of LKS ASE at Board Level

LKS ASE  User Profiling Exercise 2022/2025  

LKS ASE Communication and Engagement Plan 2023/24 DRAFT

Service Level Agreement 2024/25

ARCHIVED Strategy Documents

Service Level Agreement All Services 2023/24

LKS ASE User Profile 2021/24

LKS ASE Communications Strategy 2018/21

LKS ASE Implementation Plan 2021/22

Service Level Agreement - All Services 2022/23

HEE and NWAS Memorandum of Understanding

LKS ASE Marketing Plan 2021/22

CURRENT Annual Report

LKS ASE Annual Review 2023/24

ARCHIVED Annual Reports / reviews

Annual Report 2022/23