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May 22 / 23 College of Paramedics Conference, ParaCon24

Held on the 22/23 May at Hinckley Junction.  LKS ASE had an exhibition stand in the main area.  Useful meetings and networking with colleagues.

June 12 NWAS Apprentices Awards Day

LKS ASE attended the NWAS awards ceremony for newly graduated Bolton Stadium.

June 20 Steering Group Nottingham

Another successful Steering Group hosted by colleagues from EMAS.  Thank you.


June 20 / 21 Health Libraries Group Conference

Matt Holland with colleagues from Manchester University NHS Trust Library Service, Michelle Dutton and Steve Glover co-authored 2 posters for the HLG conference. 

1) How do paramedic, and associated ambulance staff, connect with research: an analysis of publishing trends within the NHS Ambulance Services in the UK using the amber repository.

2) Are conference posters worth it? An analysis of publication trends of posters presented at the 999 EMS Research Forum, with a focus on posters from the 2023 999 EMS Research Forum Conference hosted on amber - the home of ambulance service research. 

June 25 NQP Day EMAS

Lovely to meet all the new NQP's at EMAS in Nottingham.  Thank you to Louise for promoting the Library.