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Reference Mangement Software

Your university will have access to Reference Management Software (RMS).  You are advised to contact your university library for further information.  

LKS ASE can provide advice and support on using EndNote, Mendeley and Zotero.

EndNote is a paid for software.  You can buy individual licences at a student discount.  EndNote is currently in Version 20. The web version, MyEndNote Web, is free to use but has limited functionality when compared with the desktop version.

Mendeley and Zotero are free to use RMS.  Register to be able to download a free copy of their desktop software.  Both Mendeley and Zotero operate seamlessly with a web version of their software that allows you to access your references on the web and use the web version to manage and collect references.  If you want to install either software on your work machine you will need to contact your IT Services.

Why do I need Reference Management Software?

Reference Management Software (RMS) does six things well:

  1. Imports and collects references from databases, the web and other sources
  2. Organise and sort your references easily using its specialised software.
  3. Works with word processing software to seamlessly integrate your reference into text
  4. Formats references using over 5000 prepared citation styles.
  5. Outputs references in the correct format as in-text citations and bibliographies
  6. Shares references with work colleagues and research teams.

In addition RMS will have benefits for you as a aresaercher:

  • Being competent in using RMS is a useful transferable research skill
  • RMS will save you time and make your management of references easier and more efficient.
  • RMS allows you to build a database over time reflecting your research interests

Reference management software for students, researchers and academics

To find out more about Reference Management Software the following article will be useful.

Holland., M., 2012. Reference management software for students, researchers and academics. Journal of Paramedic Practice, 4(8). Available from: [ Accessed 07 April 2021 ].  Access requires and NHS OpenAthens account.  The full text is also available from amber

Paramedic Practice is following a journey to a Profession with university level qualifications, supported by an extensive research based literature and an academic and research workforce, based in dedicated departments/faculties educating future professionals to Degree and Masters level and PhD level in some cases. This is broadly the path taken by the Nursing profession. Key to this journey is building the research capable workforce able to do the research that will fill the professional and academic journals and reference works that form the foundation of the literature of Paramedic Practice. Good research is underpinned by effective information management. The research process typically requires a thorough review of previously published literature; locating, organising and analysing journals articles, books and other forms of publication. Reference Management Software [RMS] helps you to manage your references and associated electronic full text by providing a specialised database that allows you to capture, store, organise and share references you have identified as relevant to your research. The aim of this article is ensure that readers who may now be completing Diploma, BSc, MSc PhD’s or project research and who will go on to do more research in the future start by knowing how useful RMS is in supporting the process of study, research and writing for publication.