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Guide to the Literature of Paramedic Practice

This guide is aimed at students and researchers in paramedic practice. It summarises the key sources and types of information. If you have any comments or additions please contact

Evidence Summaries

Systematic Reviews

Systematic Reviews identify, appraise and synthesise research evidence using a scientific design based on explicit, pre-specified and reproducible methods. Systematic reviews focus on a single health care problem or condition with the aim of presenting the best possible evidence to aid decision making by clinicians and practitioners.

Evidence-Based Summaries

Evidence-based summaries provide practical answers to specific clinical questions,  or address specific clinical conditions using the best available evidence. Authors of evidence-based summaries have conducted extensive searches of the literature and use the most recent research available at the time they are published.  Evidence-based summaries are designed to be brief, authoritative and accessible to the reader.  Evidenced-based summaries can be found on the web from these sources.