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Current Awareness Bulletins

Each month the library collates the latest published research on a range of topics. See the latest bulletins and the archive here.

Prehospital Emergency Services Current Awareness Update

Published by LKS ASE on behalf of the National Ambulance Research Steering Group (NARSG).  Want quicker updates? Follow us on Twitter @LksAse

Paramedicine Collection from Read QxMD

Read QxMDParamedicine

A regularly updated list of journal articles. Want this list on your mobile? Download Read by QxMD, or request more information.

2019 Issues of PESCAU

November 19

2018 Issues of PESCAU

October 18

September 2018

2017 Issues of PESCAU

2020 Issues of PESCAU

December 20

Covid19 Special Issue 6

COVID19 Special Issue 5

November 20

COVID19 Special Issue 4

COVID19 Special Issue 3

JulyAugust/September 20

COVID19 Special Issue 2

COVID19 Special Issue 1

2022 Issues of PESCAU

May/June 22

March/April 22

January/February 22

2021 Issues of PESCAU

October/December 2021

August / September 2021

June/July 2021

April/May 2021

January/February 21

COVID19 Special Issue 7