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What we like about Read from QxMD

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Read from QxMD FAQ

What is Read for?  

Read is tool to help you keep up to date with the most recent research as it is published.  If you need literatures searches, contact the library or use the many database you have access to through the library website.  

Do I have to pay for Read? 

No, Read is free to download from the App Store or Google Play.  

How do I get access to full text? 

Read automatically finds a .pdf of an article if it is available.  If you register your NHS OpenAthens account with Read you will get access to more full text.  You have the option to request the full text from LKS ASE from within the App.  

How do I register my NHS OpenAthens account? 

You do this when you register your Read App.  You will be invited to choose your institution – choose your ambulance service – then enter your NHS OpenAthens details.   

How does Read know what I want? 

Read looks at your profile and monitors your activity over time. Read then posts articles to your “Featured” stream that match your preferences. 

What can I do with Read? 

With read you can follow your favourite journals; you can follow Collections created by other people and you can create your own searches (keywords).  You will be notified when new content is added. 

Where does Read get its data from? 

Read gets its data from PubMed.  

Are there any limitations to Read? 

Yes, two key journals in paramedicine are not included in PubMed and so are not included in Read. These are the Journal of Paramedic Practice and British Paramedic Journal

How do I manage journal articles? 

You have several options.   You can save journal articles to your private collections.  You can read, add comments, annotate, download and share .pdfs from within the Read app.  

Do I need training to use the Read?  

If you need help with Read contact the LKS ASE [ ]. Read is straight forward with a few powerful features that are intuitive to use.

Are the Android and iOS versions the same? 

They have the same features, but they are presented slightly differently.  You will only notice this if you use both versions concurrently. 

LKS ASE guides to Read by QxMD

Download the Read from QxMD App

We’ve partnered with Read by QxMD to bring you easy access to our journal subscriptions.  Make the most of Read  Download the mobile app.  Find more about Read QxMD here


Quick Start Guide to Read QxMD

Getting set up is easy;

1. Download Read by QxMD by following this link or search for it in the app store. A web version is also available at

2. Add your ambulance service to your “Account Settings” under “Institutional Access” and enter your NHS OpenAthens account, to gain continuous access to LKS ASE journal subscriptions.

Already have Read by QxMD?

Add your ambulance service to your “Account Settings” under “Institutional Access” and enter your NHS OpenAthens account, to gain continuous access to LKS ASE journal subscriptions.

Read by QxMD provides a single place to keep up with new medical and scientific research. Curate your feed by filtering for your profession/ specialty/location and favourite journals. You can also save collections of articles important to you.