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COVID19 - a guide to information resources

Social Media and Media

This page is a guide to some of the content on social media relating to COVID19.  Be aware that the content of some sources can be disturbing or distressing.  If you want advice on how to evaluate media content there are guides to the CRAAP test at the end of this page

Magazines and Trade Press

Broadcast Media

Twitter - Hashtags

Twitter hashtags are constantly evolving and changing. Treat the links on this list as indicative of the possible content on Twitter.  You can see a snapshot of what is currently trending on Twitter in the UK from the Tweeplers website.  Links to content via Twitter hashtags are not mediated.  Please be aware that some of the content may be distressing or disturbing. 

Twitter Accounts

These accounts are from organisations that post frequently on COVID19.

Guides to evaluating media

If you need advice on evaluating Internet resources you can apply the CRAAP test.  There are a number of guides on the web that take you through the test. Links to some of them are listed below.