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COVID19 - a guide to information resources

Current Research

These sources provide fast access to current research. The list is in three parts:1) individual Publishers, such as The New England Journal of Medicine highlighting their publications 2) Databases such as LitCovid, aggregating published research from many sources and 3) Preprint Servers such as medRviv. The final section lists sites and resources that support new research.  



Preprint Servers

A preprint is a version of a research manuscript published before peer review.  They are early reports of research that may subsequently be published in peer-reviewed journals or presented at conferences. Preprints should not be used as a basis for clinical care. Typically these are published electronically and made freely available on large databases or preprint servers such as medRxiv.  Preprints aim to speed up the process of disseminating research avoiding the delays caused by the publication process. If you would like to find out more see A Brief Guide to Preprints. 

Evidence and Meta studies

Research Support

Services providing support for new research in COVID19.