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Tables of Contents (eTOCs) and Alerts

How to get information about new journal issues and new journal articles sen to your mail box.


Alerts are planned searches of databases which are saved and run periodically to find new publications on the topic of your search.  The results are e-mailed to you. Contact Matt Holland if you would like more information on how to do this, or the Library can set up personalised Alerts for you. 

NICE Evidence Search
To set up an Alert using NICE Evidence Search you will need to have first planned an executed a search.  For more information on Searching See Search Help. To find out how to set up an Alert watch this instructional video on Creating Alerts which takes you through the process step by step and a second video Editing and Deleting Alerts. Note that YouTube may be blocked on some NHS Networks.
EBSCO Host allows you to create Alerts form searches and to generate RSS Feeds.  See EBSCO Help Pages for more information.  
To set up Alerts you need to register for My NCBI.  If you need help to register follow this short web tutorial from PubMed. From My NCBI you can set up individual Alerts.  There is an interactive Tutorial on Saving a PubMed Search to help you do this.