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Poster Presentations at Conferences - a primer

This guide is for you if you are thinking of presenting a poster or writing a poster proposal.

How to Create a Good Poster

There is plenty advice on the web for writing posters.  See the Resources section for useful links.  Here is a very short summary of the key points to get you started. 

  • Clear and short title readable from 1.5 meters away
  • Write a short and engaging introduction
  • Use no more than c600 words
  • Have a logical layout of 5 or 6 sections
  • Use graphics, images and pictures to explain your ideas
  • Use an existing template from the web if you can
  • Don’t  use block capitals
  • Avoid elaborate fonts and dark backgrounds
  • Keep a simple colour pallet
  • Use good examples as models for your poster
  • Share your poster with interested colleagues to get comment and feedback
  • Include your contact information, your poster may be viewed when you are away