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Poster Presentations at Conferences - a primer

This guide is for you if you are thinking of presenting a poster or writing a poster proposal.

Why Present a Poster?

There are good reasons to submit a poster proposal.  While you may not be accepted on your first attempt going through the process will help you towards success next time.

  • A poster is an ideal format to present a work-based project or a well-received thesis or dissertation. 
  • Posters are a scholarly or academic piece of work and should be included in a CV or list of publications.  Posters may also be published in conference proceedings or on the conference website. 
  • Presenting a poster is the first step in the Publication Cycle.  Work presented as a poster might be developed into a conference presentation or a journal article for publication in the future. 
  • Presenting a poster is an opportunity to network with like-minded people and to get feedback on your work.