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Search Blocks for Prehospital and Emergency Care

Text blocks for use in NICE Evidence Search HDAS.

Search Blocks

Search blocks are sets of pre-selected search terms you can use to search for popular topics in prehospital and emergency care.  These search blocks have been prepared by LKS ASE.  There is a separate guide to Search Filters for Prehospital Care, Paramedicine and Emergency Medical Dispatch which you can use with this guide. 

Using Search Blocks

To use these search blocks copy (Ctrl C) and paste (Ctrl V) them into your search and combine them with other terms from your search plan.  These search blocks have been optimised for use with NICE Evidence Search – HDAS.  You can use them with other databases but be aware that the syntax – the way they are written – will change from database to database.  These search blocks have been written to find the maximum number of articles - high recall.  You may find it necessary to edit them to suit the purposes of your search.  

Suggest a search block

If you have any comments or suggestions for new search blocks please do contact the library [ ].