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NHS Repository Hub

NHS Repositories Hub - a complete list of NHS Repositories. 

What is an Institutional Repository?

An institutional repository is a digital collection of publications and research outputs from a single organisation typically research centres, universities and more recently NHS Trusts.  They include published material and unpublished material such as preprints, posters, reports and presentations. Search over 10K repositories worldwide using CORE.


What is a Subject Repository?

Subject repositories are digital collections that focus on one topic or discipline area.  Subject repositories in the area of medicine and health are:

Green Open Access

Open Access allows free unrestricted access to information.  Green Open Access means authors post versions of their publications to repositories with publisher's consent.  Typically, these are pre (before peer review) or post-prints (after peer review). This enables free access to everyone.  

NHS repositories provide a route to Green Open Access for NHS staff and researchers.  If you wish to deposit material contact the relevant NHS repository administrator or visit the repository website for more information.


Unpublished material and preprints

Note that unpublished material and material deposited in preprint repositories will not have been through peer review.  Be especially critical of this material and use carefully.