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Registering for NHS OpenAthens

You can self-register for an NHS OpenAthens Account using this link [ ]. Use your corporate eMail address if you have one. Please select the ground ambulance service you are associated with as your organisation.

LKS ASE aims to make this process as simple as possible. If we know the format of your corporate eMail address, we will process your application automatically.  If you use a personal eMail address, we may contact you directly to verify you are entitled to register.  

Registering for NHS OpenAthens

Registration is easy but this will give you some extra help if you need it. 

Already have an NHS OpenAthens account?

It is not possible to have two NHS OpenAthens accounts.  If you have already registered for NHS OpenAthens through another NHS organisation you have the option of keeping your account or asking for it to be transferred to anotherr ambulance service trust.  In making your decision you should consider whether you have sufficient, or better access to resources through your existing NHS OpenAthens account.

If you choose to remain with your existing account, you can still use LKS ASE services, however, some journal subscriptions and eBooks will not be available to you.  You still have the option of contacting LKS ASE directly to request specific journal articles. 

eMail Addresses and NHS OpenAthens

If you have one of the following eMail address your NHS OpenAthens will process your application automatically.


NHS OpenAthens FAQ

What benefits do I get if I register for OpenAthens?

An NHS OpenAthens account gives you access, through the Knowledge and Library Hub to databases of journal articles, the full text of journals and eBooks. In addition, having an OpenAthens Account allows you to access the full text of journals in the area of paramedicine paid for by the library.

How do I use my OpenAthens Account?

You enter your OpenAthens User Name and Password before you access resources protected by OpenAthens, or when asked to, to view the full text of journal articles or eBooks.

Can I have more than one OpenAthens Account?

If you are enrolled in a programme of higher education, your University will provide an Athens Account or an equivalent User Name and Password to access their resources. These university provided resources will be different from those accessible through NHS OpenAthens. If you have both accounts you will have greater access to resources for your course.  You can only have one NHS OpenAthens Account. Your University account will expire when you complete your course.  Your NHS OpenAthens account will continue to be active as long as you work for the NHS.

How long does my OpenAthens Account last?

You are registered initially for two years. Your account can be renewed and will remain valid as long as you are an employee of the NHS or an organisation supporting the NHS. 

What if I have a problem with my OpenAthens Account?

If you have a problem with your OpenAthens Account you need to contact your local OpenAthens Administrator.