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LKS ASE services for staff.

Work Based Projects

LKS ASE supports work based projects and evidence based decision making. Please contact the library for searches on any topic.  For large projects we are able to allocate additional search expertise from Manchester University NHS Trust Hospital Library.  The library can supply all the documents you need through our Document Supply Service including eBooks, print books and British Standards.


Work Based Project - Case Study

The library service is massively important to my work.  The area I work in can be very difficult to evidence with internal data, so the information the library provides is essential in being able to provide proof of various concepts.

Doing the research myself would take a long time, not be as efficient, and probably prove lacklustre in response.  Being able to provide one source for my query, and then get a result back with rich pickings for research is invaluable.

On this occasion I was after information around personal safety equipment.  The reason for this is a large piece of work I am leading that will result in a procurement of equipment and ultimately keep staff safe.  The libraries assistance will directly improve the safety of our staff as we go forward with this process.

Dan Jones, Local Security Management Specialist (LSMS)

Risk Management, Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust