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Working and Studying

LKS ASE can support you while studying.  We have extensive experience of working in higher education and supporting students.  Please contact the library if you need help.  See also the Student Hub for more information about our resources.

Resources for students

Working and Studying - Case Study

I contacted LKS ASE for a literature search on the preferred site for needle thoracentesis and differences in chest wall thickness.  This information was needed to critically analyse a chosen skill performed by paramedics in the prehospital environment for an assignment for a trauma module forming part of the Paramedic Science Top Up BSc.

LKS ASE identified and supplied several papers relating to the preferred first line treatment and studies relating to preferred site and differences in chest wall thickness affecting success rates. The information was received very promptly and formed a big part of my assignment. The library was easy to communicate with and services clearly explained.

The information I received was extremely useful for my assignment and gave me the information to critically analyse throughout my assignment.  I will be continuing to use LKS ASE throughout my studies as I have found the service to be excellent and a great addition to my own literature searches in order to produce assignments for my degree.

Matthew Harrison, Paramedic, WMAS