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Planning a Database Search

Planning a search is a combination of problem-solving skills and basic technical skills. This guide takes you through the basic steps that will help you plan an efficient and effective search.

Problem Solving Approach

The problem-solving approach means breaking down your research question into small logical steps.  The first step is to articulate your research problem as a question or sentence.  Here are some examples of research questions that illustrate this approach:

  • Find recent research on the use of mentorship programs with paramedics in training.
  • Finds articles on how ambulance services mitigate the risks associated with the provision of care of the bariatric patient.
  • Find any information on Community First Responders [CFRs] relating to policies regarding the development of CFRs and future directions.
  • Research on Ambulance Services and successful approaches to the ethnicity monitoring of services including approaches which have worked well in other healthcare settings.
  • Find research on the treatment of spinal injuries in prehospital emergency care.
  • Find any research on whether paramedic advanced life support improves mortality for adult patients suffering non-traumatic prehospital cardiac arrest.
  • Find recent research on the efficacy of Paramedic endotracheal intubation.
  • Find recent research on the use of Ketamine in the pre-hospital environment.