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Planning a Database Search

Planning a search is a combination of problem-solving skills and basic technical skills. This guide takes you through the basic steps that will help you plan an efficient and effective search.

Analysing Research Questions

The best way to analyse a research question is to break it down further into the concepts or ideas you would like to find in an article on the topic. For example, using the research question "Find recent research on the use of Ketamine in the pre-hospital environment" we could identify the following concepts:

Concept 1  Concept 2  Concept 3 
prehospital  Ketamine recent 

You then need to identify keywords which describe these Concepts, words that you will use in your search. For example, we could add the following keywords:

Concept 1  Concept 2  Concept 3 
prehospital  Ketamine recent 
Keywords Keywords Keywords
prehospital Ketamine 2007-2018
paramedic  analgesia   
ambulance  analgesic  
EMS  pain management  
Emergency Medical Service pain relief