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A Brief Guide to Preprints

A short guide explaining what preprints are and how you can use them.

Post Publication Peer Review (PPPR)

In Post Publication Peer Review (PPPR) articles are published before peer review.  Articles go through a basic editorial review before being made publicly available.  Anyone who meets basic criteria set by the PPPR platform can peer review an article. Authors can invite peer reviewers to review their work.  The names of reviewers and the reviews are publicly available with the article.  Examples of publishing platforms that use PPPR are F1000Research and ScienceOpen.  The exact process of PPPR varies on different platforms. 

PPPR differs from preprints in a number of ways:

  • these platforms are operating as publishers,
  • the intention of authors is to publish the work on the PPPR platform, and
  • PPPR is an alternative publishing model, rather than an addition or modification of the traditional peer review model.