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Using Social Media for Research Purposes - a guide. Version 2.0

How to use social media tools for further your research.

Your Outputs

Putting your research online.

Setting aside the debate about the effects of Open Access, OA removes barriers between you and your reader so iis easy to share across social media. This section looks at tools to publish your research using the Green (self archiving route). Check publishers conditions on SherpaROMEOIn general you can publish a pre or post print in some form of repository.

Institutional Repositories (IR) If your work is associated a university you can deposit their IR if they have one.

figshare [ ] allows you to upload posters, data files and presentations. Gives you a DOI to allow you to share your work.

Mendeley [ ] you can upload your own articles. Mendeleyautomatically links to these on your Menedley profile page.

PeerJ Preprint Server [ ] Upload pre publication versions of papers for feedback. Note there is a basic screening process for Pre prints. See instructions to authors.

ReseachGate [ ] acts as a repository with facilities to uploadand maintain the full text of your work.


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