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Twitter: a Guide for Research Purposes

A brief guide to using Twitter for researchers.

Using Advanced Search

How to find Advanced Search

Follow this link to Advanced search or follow these steps.  

  1. Enter your search into the search bar on 
  2. Click on Search Filters and choose Advanced search 

Search Categories

Advanced search combines four elements WordsPeoplePlaces / LocationDates.




All of these Words 

Tweets containing all words in any order.  Type phrases in quotation marks. Equivalent to Boolean AND 

This exact phrase 

Searches for words as a phrase.  No need for quotation marks 

Any of these words 

Contains any words you type in. Equivalent to Boolean OR 

None of these words 

Excludes the words you type in. Equivalent to Boolean NOT 

These #hashtags 

Finds Tweets for these #hashtags  

Written in 

The language you want 




From these accounts  

The account that sent Tweets 

To these accounts  

Tweets sent as replies to a specific account 

Mentioning these accounts 

Accounts mentioned in the text of the Tweet 




Near this place 





From this date yyyy-mm-dd to yyyy-mm-dd 

Pick date from the drop-down calendar. 

Sample searches 

Advanced Search allows you to combine two or more terms (keywords / hashtags / Twitter accounts) in different fields in Advanced Search. 

Sample Searches 

Search for #sepsis (In: These hashtags) and antibiotics (In: All of these words)  

Search for @ParamedicsUK (In: Mentioning these accounts) and prescribing (In: All of these words) 

Search for simulation (In: All of these words) and ambulance paramedic prehospital (In: Any of these words) 

Search for paramedic prescribing (In: This exact phrase) 

Search for febrile child (In: All of these words) and adult adults (In: None of these words) and Language = English 

Search Keogh (In: All of these words) and @NHSEngland  @AACE_org (In: From these accounts) 


Too few hits 

  1. If you are searching Twitter accounts check that they are active. 
  2. Check your search terms for miss-spellings.  Even misspellings will retrieve a few hits.  
  3. If you are using hashtags check that you are using the most popular/relevant hashtags or add more similar tags.

 Too many hits 

  1. Take out some hashtags or keywords to reduce the number of hits.  
  2. Apply limits to your search e.g. Date or Location. 
  3. Reorder results by TopLatest etc. to bring relevant results to the top of your results list.