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Information Skills: Searching

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Limits or Limiters are values you can apply to your search to reduce the number of results and refine the focus of your search.   Limits would typically include the year of publication, for example limiting your search to a date range i.e. 2010- 2021.  Limits might also address the subjects of journal articles, for example find journal articles concerning people over the age of 65 and the type of publication, for example find peer reviewed journal article only.  Specialist databases such as MEDLINE and CINAHL have sets of limits that are appropriate to the subjects they cover.  Generally, you can apply Limits to your search, remove them, or change them without having to rerun your search.

Guide to applying Limits

Guide in Microsoft Word.  Click to download.

Applying Limits - YouTube

YouTube may be blocked on some NHS computers. 

Applying Limits - Vimeo