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Audio Feedback Project

The home page of the Audio Feedback Project.

Audio Feedback Project


The Audio Feedback Project is a small scale research project looking at ways to enhance Social Presence in virtual library and knowledge services [VLKS] like LKS ASE.  The project aims to inject personality into the usual exchange of eMails between you and the librarian and to improve your experience of using the library. The idea is simple.  Each enquiry gets an audio commentary to complement the eMail you receive with your search results.  After listening to the audio recording you are asked to complete a short questionnaire to record your experience.

Social Presence 

There are many definitions of social presence. The one that guides this project is the degree to which people are perceived as real in any computer-based interaction (Gunawardena 1995). The project is modeled on similar research that looks at giving audio feedback instead of written feedback to students (Portolese Dias & Trumpy 2014, Ice et al. 2007, Murphrey 2012, Rasi  & Vuojärvi 2018).  In this instance, audio feedback will be an addition to written feedback. 

The research so far

Discussion of the project with respondents has raised some additional interesting issues, in particular, people's preference for receiving information.  Respondents have said that they like the commentary because they prefer information in an aural form. Other respondents have said they prefer written information.  This does raise a question that is slightly out of the scope of this project, about how libraries communicate with users, in particular, a virtual library and knowledge services where communication primarily emails or written.  If you are interested in learning styles - how people process information - there is a free questionnaire to assess your preference here the VARK  (Visual, Aural, Read/write, Kinesthetic) website.   

LIHNN Christmas Study Day 10 December 2019

Matt Holland presented a 3 minutes of madness background to the project at the LIHNN Christmas Study Day.  You can read a transcript of the presentation (see below) or listen to a recording of the presentation.  Click the icon to listen. 


Health Libraries Group Conference

The completed research will be presented at the Health Libraries Group [HLG] Conference in July 2020. 


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