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Guide to Information Sources for Management in Healthcare

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Government departments, agencies and the NHS

The Department of Health and Social Care, NHS and its agencies address areas related specifically to health care management, governance, innovation, and leadership. They publish research reports, working papers, policy documents, guides to good practice and learning material. 

University research centres

A number of universities host research centres and postgraduate programmes in the area of health care management typically located within Business Schools and occasionally Faculties of Health. Universities undertake research funded by UK Research Councils, government departments and agencies and independent research that reflects specialist interests. Research results are usually presented at conferences, published in reports, working papers and finally in peer-reviewed journals.

Independent charities, foundations and think tanks

Independent of government, these organisations produce research that informs change in health care organisations. Produced from the perspective of their own remit for political or social change, research from these sources typically seeks to challenge established practices and ideas.

Professional Bodies

Organisations whose members share a professional status and a common set of concerns. Professional organisations may not fund research directly, however, they do promote current awareness, the dissemination of relevant research and best practice to their members.