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LKS ASE and Knowledge Management

How can LKS ASE help with Knowledge Management

Connecting you to best practice

LKS ASE can help you to access knowledge derived from experience and conduct investigative searches for you.  We aim to capture and spread best practice, sharing knowledge through communities of practice using social media.

KM @ LKS ASE - Guides to best practice

KS ASE has written two guides for researchers using social media to help researchers improve their presence on social media use social media more effectively as an information resource.

Using Social Media for Research Purposes - a guide. Version 2.0
A guide takes you through the basics of building a research profile using social media, how to maximise your impact and the tools you can use to assess your impact. [ Link ].

Twitter: a Guide for Research Purposes
A guide looking at using Twitter as a source of reference and information for research purposes.  

All LKS ASE guides can be found here.