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Critical Appraisal Resources

An overview of resources on the web to support critical appraisal.

Tools and Checklists

Critical appraisal checklists are designed to be used when appraising published research articles and reports. Typically, they prompt you to ask questions of the research to aid your appraisal. Checklists are intended to be used with specific research methodologies. They are produced by a range of different organisations to promote the understanding and use of critical appraisal tools and techniques. Links to key organisations and their published checklists are here.

  • BestBETs Critical Appraisal Worksheets [ Website ]
  • CASP Checklists [ Website ]
  • CEBM Critical Appraisal Tools [ Website ]
  • International Centre for Allied Health Evidence Critical Appraisal Tools [ Website ]
  • SIGN Critical Appraisal: Notes and Checlists [ Website ]
  • SURE Critical Appraisal Checklists [ Website ]