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Search Filters for Prehospital Care, Paramedicine and Emergency Medical Dispatch

Search filters are pre-prepared searches on commonly used topics than enable effective and efficient searching by choosing the best keywords and thesaural terms for you.

Contingency Plans

When you combine these search filters with your search topic, searches will generally return a manageable number of results.  However, the search filters aim for high recall, finding all the possible relevant articles in any database. To increase the precision of your search, reduce the number of articles and find more that are relevant to your specific topic you can do a number of things.

  1. If you feel it is appropriate for your search, change from using the Prehopsital Care filter to using the Paramedicine filter.
  2. Edit the filter to remove terms that are not relevant to your search.
  3. Apply limits such as Date, Language or Age Group
  4. Limit your search to specific fields, for example instead of searching in the Title and Abstract - .ti,ab - search only in the title - .ti - field.
  5. Use only terms from the Thesaurus and drop free text terms.
  6. Eliminate truncation (*) from your search if you identify truncated words that retrieve too many articles.