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Information Research Skills Questionnaire for those undertaking research projects

A quick quiz to test your information searching skills.

Information Research Skills Questionnaire

Information Research Skills Questionnaire

Yes=1 No=0

I have basic keyboard skills


I regularly use the Internet


I use social media to communicate with research colleagues


I have spoken to my NHS Librarian about my research project


I use internet search engines, such as Google, to find information


I am a guest user of other NHS libraries


I use online catalogues such as COPAC to check for books on my topic


I am aware of the University/Organizations citation standard for printed materials


I am aware of the University/Organizations citation standard for electronic materials


I am aware of guest membership arrangements for Universities in the region


I have registered for an NHS Open Athens Account


I am in regular e-mail contact with my NHS Librarian


I have ordered journal articles through Inter-Library Loan [ILL]


I can name the major bibliographic databases in my field of research


I can name the key journals that regularly publish articles in my area of research


I have accessed databases using NICE Evidence Search using my NHS Open Athens User Name and password


My research has informed recommendations to the NHS Librarian to buy books and journals


I have accessed the full text of journal articles on the Internet


I have downloaded  the full text of journals articles from major databases, such as Medline / CINAHL / EMBASE


I regularly review the tables of contents key journals in my research area


I know how to access databases from my home or computers outside work


I have searched bibliographic databases using the AUTHOR field to find articles written by leading authors in my area of research


I receive updates from current awareness services and recommender systems such as Spharro


I have set up an online public profile using a profiling tool such as ResearchGate, Mendeley or LinkedIN


I use, or plan to use a Reference Management Software package such as Mendeley or Zotero


I understand and use Boolean operators [AND OR NOT] to link keywords when searching bibliographic databases


I use the Advanced Search screen when searching bibliographic databases for example NICE Evidence Search HDAS


I have registered for an ORCiD account


I plan searches of bibliographic databases identifying concepts and keywords


I incorporate terms from online thesauri in my selection of keywords when searching bibliographic databases


I use truncation when inputting keywords into bibliographic databases


I use proximity commands when inputting keywords into bibliographic databases


I understand the principles behind Citation Searching


I have identified key articles that underpin my research topic that are suitable for Citation Searching


I have used free to access databases that contain citation data such as Pubmed, Google Scholar, ScienceOpen, ResearchGate and MicroSoft Academic


I have set up search alerts for my research topics in major databases


I have searched institutional repositories for possible alternative sources of research such as CORE, BASE and SHARE


I have searched for previous completed Ph.D.'s in my research area using the British Libraries EThOS


Total Score