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amber - the home of ambulance service research

The research repository for NHS Ambulance Services in England.

About amber Personal Profile

If you are a published author a personal profile allows you to showcase your research and publications.   Its useful to direct people towards to share more information about your self and your research. 

There are many services available to create personal profiles. Typically they address specific audiences or solve particular problems.  These include ORCID and ResearcherID/Publons for scholarly authors, LinkedIn for professionals, social media in particular Twitter, and a number of services for researchers such as ResearchGate and Mendeley.  Depending on who you want to reach you may have more than one profile. 

With an ambers Personal Profile you can add add links to your other profiles if you have any. It also links to your publications on amber.  amber is the showcase for ambulance research. A profile on amber enriches the information available to amber users and reaches those who have an active interest in ambulance research.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why create a profile on amber?

Your amber Personal Profile: 

  • links to all your publications on amber;
  • gives you a unique url to share online;
  • showcases you and your research interests in a sympathetic context.  

I already have a profile, why do I need another one?

Different profile tools offer different features and access to different audiences.  The unique selling point of amber is its association with ambulance research. 

I haven't created a profile before, is there any advice?

You can find help and advice by searching Google.  Six tips for managing your professional online profile offers general advice on creating a profile.

How do I get an amber profile?

Get an amber Personal Profile by completing the amber Personal Profile questionnaire.  We will create a profile for you based on the information you provide.  

What will my amber profile look like?

You can see a completed amber profile here. 

Why can't I edit my profile?

This is the way the software currently operates.  If you want to make changes to your profile eMail and we will make changes within 7 working days. 

Create your amber Personal Profile

If you are a published author complete the online form and LKS ASE will create your amber Personal Profile for you.